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Champion Salespersons Keep Their Promises

Don’t scare him away.

The surest way to kill any sales is for you to allow your prospect to gain the impression that the order is of greater importance to you, the salesperson, than it is to him, the buyer.

The Filipino word for courting is panunuyo and panliligaw. The first one means that you want to endear yourself to the person. The second means that you intend to confuse, to deceive the other person.

The second one is a mistake many salespersons commit. They make extravagant promises. They promise the heavens and the stars and everything in it. But they promptly forget these when contract has been signed and their commission received.

Don’t destroy your future by creating a reputation of a salesperson who are more on promise and short on execution.
Out deserve your competition. Provide your customers genuine and superior service. Be a go-giver. Make good on your promises.

You must do this as a salesperson.

You must also do this as a changemaker.

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