Eighty percent of news coverage today is about the war on drugs.

Media organizations have running tallies of suspected drug offenders being killed either by the police authorities or by vigilante groups. The Philippine National Police isn’t investigating any policeman. The PNP isn’t running after the vigilantes too. A few words of accusations in a cardboard is enough to justify the killings. And the case is closed.

Never mind that before the killings, most of them were just ordinary persons without criminal records. Never mind that even if it were true that they were drug users and pushers, none of them would die or imprisoned for life under our existing laws.

There are those who celebrate this kind of change.

They look up to the President who is a man of his words; a president who fulfills his promises.

All these killings are part of his campaign promises. He believes that human rights cannot shield suspected criminals from extra-judicial killings.

He does not recognize that every Filipino’s right to life is inalienable. Yes, the Philippine Constitution says so. But who reads the Constitution nowadays?

And anyone who thinks that extra-judicial killings are crimes are tagged as anti-Duterte.

I am not anti-Duterte.

I have never considered myself a supporter or enemy of any politician. I live up to what I believe is right.
Popularity does not make wrong things right. If anyone can be killed without the benefit of a trial, anyone of you my dear reader, can be the next target.

No, the president will not kill you. But he cannot protect you from an abusive policeman or from vigilante killers. An accusation on a cardboard or an explanation of a policeman is enough.

I like two things about the President.

The first is his political will. The second is his sense of urgency. I have been praying for a president who has political will and sense of urgency. A president who has balls. But equally important, this President must be a servant leader, someone who is ethical, who respects human rights, and positive about the Filipinos.

Yes, we still find it difficult to have all of these in one man.

The greatest enemy of our country isn’t drug addiction. Our number 1 enemy is poverty.
The war on drugs, if you look closely, is a war against the poor, not of poverty. The rich ones are given opportunities to explain themselves. The nobodies easily become dead bodies.

Let’s wage war on poverty. It is public enemy number 1. if we do this, we’ll be able to find better ways to solve drug addiction too. Be involved in wealth creation. Join the solution revolution. Be a social entrepreneur. Make your business serve the interest of the community.

This is urgent. We must move now. And we must move together.