Pork Barrel and Patronage Politics

“Basta huwag lang manghihingi sa amin ang mga tao!”

That’s an honest opinion from Lani Mercado. That’s a confirmation that the money they doled out to the poor and uneducated among us was not theirs. The money came from people’s taxes. Without our money, they aren’t willing to help.

Patronage politics get the greedy and incompetent elected into office. Politicians who do not know anything about lawmaking are paid with people’s money – only because they promised to help the poor. Never mind that they cannot make good laws.

Take out the 200 million pesos from pork barrel, Senator Bong Revilla (fyi, his surname is Bong Revilla, not Revilla) will be utterly useless to the poor whom they promised to help.

Public office is a public trust. We must stop electing into office the incompetent, greedy or not. Since not everyone has the opportunity to examine the qualifications of those elected to office either because of lack of awareness or education, we must exert efforts to scrap the source of deception – the pork barrel.

Our taxes must be invested in agriculture and we must not allow it to be wasted to another fertilizer scam. Our taxes must be invested in education, not on “scholarships” that strengthen patronage politics.

We must not allow politicians to use our taxes to advance their political and business interest. Let us help in the education of our people. Let us put into office tsinelas leaders.

Jef Menguin

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