Write your book before your written off.

I know you will not become useless.

At the very most, in the eyes of God you will always be special.

But you know what I mean. Today is the best time to write your book because you still have the energy and power to write.

Today is the best time to write your book because you can still think clearly and remember.

One day your energy will fade and your memory will become weak. You will remember stories, but you won’t be certain whether they are from dreams or reality.

This is why today is the best time to write your book.

Do not worry about your lack of experience. You will never have enough of it. Writing your book will give you an experience you will never have if you have to wait for other experiences.

Do not worry if you are not an expert. You are not expected to create a better version of the History of Time. You can pick the subject of your interest. Gather your materials. Interview 100 people about it. When you written this book, people will consider you an expert of this one topic.

In short, I do not buy your excuses and neither should you.

Today is the best time for you to write your book. Write it now before you are written off.

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