Speed Up Your People’s Career

Help your people achieve their career goals.

If they don’t have career plans (most people have dreams but don’t know how to get there), show them how to chart goals and motivate them to act on them. Provide them opportunities to grow.

Some leaders stall the career growth of their employees. Yes, you heard it right. Some leaders fear that by empowering their employees they will lead them to look for greener pastures or if ever they preferred to stay, the empowered employees would be possible competitors.

The opposite is true.

Developing your people will make them stay and will help you move upward faster. Empowered employees are your best evidence of leadership.

I challenge you to list down the leaders you know. I bet my month’s salary that most if not all of them were at one time in their lives empowered by another leader.

Invest on your people’s growth. Give them every opportunity to be successful.

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