Malasakit and Excellence

The greatest enemy of excellence is not mediocrity or bad people. It is the absence of malasakit.

A person with malasakit will not stop until good becomes better, and better becomes best. He will not even be contented with his yesterday’s best.

This is because a person with malasakit understand the pains and fears of his customers, of his bosses, of his subordinates, of his family, of his community, of his country, of people. A person with malasakit strives to be excellent.

You know an employee with malasakit by his deeds.

Because he knows and understand his customers, he find ways to improve his product and services. He will look for ways to ensure that all products to be delivered are in the best condition. He understands that every customer who complains will be glad to get a quick solution. He knows that a service added with a quick smile and polite conversations may ease the stress at work.

Every person has seeds of malasakit in his soul.

You can cultivate the seed of malasakit in him. Every leader has the opportunity to provide a good soil for malasakit. You can water it. You can give it sunshine.

An excellent culture begins with malasakit. You, the leader, culture your own seed. Make your malasakit flower and bear fruits.

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