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If you have been reading my blog posts and articles, you must have realized that thousands of people are getting simple, easy-to understand, and useful ideas in leadership, personal development, salesmanship, and speaking.  I offer to every day leaders small steps that lead to success.

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The blog posts are a great resource for leaders.

But there are powerful ideas that I want to share to leaders, entrepreneurs, salespersons, marketers, bloggers, et cetera… that I can’t reveal online.

And I have great news for you.

I Will Reveal to You the Most Valuable Ideas
In Leadership, Personal Development, Salesmanship
And Speaking Through Jef Menguin Letters

You will not be able to read  the Jef Menguin Letters  online  and you will not hear these powerful ideas from anyone else but me.  I am investing hours after hours for each issue and only those who are interested will be able to benefit from out-of-the box, braver and bolder ideas for kick-ass leaders. I may charge subscribers soon (why not, The letters are very valuable that anyone who will subscribe will grow in almost every facet of his or her wonderful life.)

Imagine yourself learning how to be motivated and  be inspired every day.

Imagine yourself applying a personal development system that never fails.

Imagine yourself growing as an effective leader. You tweak little things here and there and people around you notice positive improvements which puzzle them, surprise them, and delight them.

Imagine yourself having the incomparable ability to sell your ideas, your products, and your services. Yes, imagine yourself having the ability to help others become better in what they do. And imagine yourself being able to use the expertise of others. Yes, imagine yourself making a difference in the world.

Make your imagination very real.

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Of course, I will not be charging future subscribers expensively. My purpose for writing these letters is to spread ideas and techniques that anyone can use to advance his or life.

I can afford to send these letters today because only a few has subscribed. But when these copies become thousands, then I know I will need some help. I will eventually charge subscribers at cost.

But if you belong to the early subscribers,  I am very much willing to send to you the copies of my letters for free.

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