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Why Transformational Leaders Make Excellence Sexy

You can encourage your people to pursue excellence.

You can do it daily. You may plaster it on your walls to remind people of your core values. You may use it as your slogan. But let me warn you, excellence is not always sexy to everyone.

For the last three months, I have conducted leadership workshops for corporate managers of private corporations and thousands of public servants: school principals, municipal mayors and councilors, barangay charpersons, teachers, and day care workers.

One thing is obvious: excellence is not sexy.

Most Filipinos do not know this: when it comes to knowledge about leadership and governance, our public servants are kilometers ahead of their counterparts in the private sector. Many corporations do not have solid and practical performance management systems. We have them in every agency of our government. We have them from the smallest Barangay to the most powerful people in Malacanang.

But many public servants do not look into their performance measures which may show them the minimum requirement from each score card. Hundreds of reasons are given why the measures do not fit on them and so they choose to ignore their own performance measures.

But no measures will really fit on them because the measure aspires for the minimum excellence level they must provide, not the level they want to provide.

Excellence is not always sexy. Do not expect every one to pursue it. You will only be frustrated.

As a leader you must find ways to make excellence sexy inside your organization. Dress excellence up. Bring her to the gym. Feed her well. Find simple and better ways.

Make excellence sexy.


Jef Menguin is a sought-after keynote speaker on leadership, influence, and motivation.

He has delivered motivational speeches in Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Taiwan, Singapore, and the Philippines.

When you are looking for a motivational speaker who deliver results that really matter, you contact Jef Menguin.

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