Easy Ways to Make a Remarkable Impact

You can make people make a remark about you, your company, or your inventions. That will make you remarkable, even for a while. But living is not only about becoming remarkable. It is about making an impact, a remarkable impact.

Jef Menguin’s Impact Ideas
You can go beyond creating a reputation, you can be respected.
You can go beyond creating an image, you can be an inspiration.
You can go beyond being different, you can make a difference.
You can go beyond being great, you can be remarkable.
You can make a remarkable impact!

A quick note on personal branding.

I am often invited to talk about personal branding. I am always happy to decline. I am not an expert. I chose a different path. And although I believe that personal branding ideas work like a charm for those who sell themselves, I do not need them.

Branding is not a new concept. In the olden days, cows were branded (read: burnt) to determine ownership. Maverick did not follow the practice. Commodities were branded to show ownership. Most of them were made in China. Slaves were branded to show ownership. Slaves who escaped were returned to their owners because they were branded. Then later on heretics and criminals were branded.

A brand is representation of owners. It is an indication or a promise of the quality of what is branded. Someone has to brand something.
Those who see themselves as products will find personal branding strategies of packaging and building reputation very useful. Personal branding strategies can help you define your unique selling proposition and yes, increase your value before the eyes of your target clients. You can sell yourself. This piece, however, is about making a remarkable impact.
Why remarkable impact?

The leaders I admire are known not for the images they have created for themselves, but for the impact they made. The ones you can easily recognize are Jesus, Mahatma Gandhi, Mother Teresa, Cory Aquino, Tony Meloto, Muhammad Yunus, and Efren Penaflorida.

Among the trailblazers, you have Henry Sy, Lucio Tan, Mr Pedro, Serge Brin, Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, and Warren Buffet. The change makers never sold themselves as products. They are product-makers.

In his book Good to Great, Jim Collins found out that great organizations have level 5 leaders. They are strong-willed and humble. They do not broadcast their achievements and they always give credit to whom it is due: their people. You do not have to be at the spotlight to make a great impact.

Here are easy ways to make a remarkable impact.

  1. Commit to make your ideas happen. Planning to make a remarkable podcast or cover or book will not make you remarkable. You need to drill. You must keep at it everyday.

  2. Doing your passion extraordinary well may make you remarkable. But understand that whatever is remarkable to not remarkable to me. It is very possible and a few like minded will think your ideas to be remarkable. But do not let this discourage you. You will not know unless you try.

  3. You do not need the approval of a million people to consider yourself remarkable. To be remarkable, you only need to please your evangelists. They will tell your stories. They will disciple people. Without them you are not remarkable.

  4. Creating videos for Youtube where you make of fool of yourself may help people notice you. You will be able to entertain some people but they will not be proud to tell others about you. Making fool of yourself will not make you remarkable. Lady Gaga is remarkable because she is the best in the world in what she does. If others can easily do what you do, then you are not remarkable.

  5. Following what the textbooks say about becoming remarkable will not make you remarkable. Following the concepts of 100 personal branding gurus (who were not able to create for themselves a new title) will not make you remarkable. A trying hard copy cat, no matter how good, will always be a copy cat.

  6. Quoting dead people is either a sign of scholarship or of a good memory. It does not make you remarkable. A remarkable person has ideas that will make people remark, “That was great! Why I have not thought of that before?”

  7. Remarkable people believes in their ideas. They understand that not all remarkable things are noticed at once. Some remarkable ideas are like Chinese bamboos.