Career, Course, and Special Work

by | May 30, 2017 |

Some of them wanted to have successful careers. Others wanted to find jobs aligned with their courses.

Recently, I spoke to 800 college students. They wanted to know how to become successful professionals in the corporate world.

I told them three things:
1. Your course is your path. This is why you call them course.
2. Your career is your vehicle.
3. Your special work is what you are meant to do.

There are many courses that will lead you to your special work — or your purpose in life. Some courses are longer than the others; some courses are easier. You can change your course anytime.

You may choose also the kind of vehicle you will use to get there. If you were going to Baguio, you could get there by walking, running, riding a bicycle or a jeepney or a bus or a helicopter. You can change your career anytime.

But you do not change your special work. You must do your special work in this world. Find out what you are meant to do. Then you’ll be able to know the course and career you can use to do that. You will pursue personal mastery.

When you know your number 3, numbers 1 and 2 will be obvious to you

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