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Maybe. But trying to motivate people will waste much of your time.

Let me explain.

Many leaders got it wrong. They think that for their people to perform well, they have to motivate them.

This is why leaders join seminars on How to Motivate Employees and other attractive motivation programs.

They learned dozens of strategies. They picked hundreds of tricks. They studied the science of motivation from speakers who make a living out of motivating people. What was simple became complex.

Motivation is not a product of what you have given or have done to your people.

That is a mistake. This thinking gives you all the credit, puts you on a pedestal, makes you the hero from whom everyone depends.

You deserve that admiration of people for doing your role as a leader. But call a spade a spade.

“Unmotivated” employees are not powerless.

Employees are not empowered because you have motivated them. They have powers. They only need to exercise their powers.

You may have contributed to their decision to use their powers, but the decision is theirs, not yours. To become motivated, your people must choose to motivate themselves.

Your salespeople will sell more if they’ll choose to become better salespeople. Your secretary will become more diligent and passionate secretary if she’ll choose to be. You can walk on fire, but you can only entertain, not motivate them.

So stop motivating your employees.

Be a catalyst.

Show them that they have powers and encourage them to use their powers. Sell to them that they are the producers of their results, that they can choose to be motivated.

“You can choose to be motivated and use your powers.”

A simple mind switch will create a great impact to the motivation of your people.

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