You can and you will.

You can make the eyes of people around you sparkle. You can speak more of possibility instead of scarcity. You can create a positive change in your organizations and communities. Yes, you can and you will.

My name is Jef Menguin — and I am your partner in enabling leaders at all levels.

And this is my official website.

Here you will discover fresh leadership ideas and use game-changing innovation tools and strategies.

I will offer you handy approach to personal excellence. You’ll learn with me how to apply research-based influence strategies and programs. You will change your mindset and approach to serving others while doing what you love most. You’ll know not just how to motivate and enable your people, you’ll use effective ways to engage them.

And more importantly, you will start creating positive difference.

In 2006, I started my career as professional speaker by delivering motivational speeches. Later on, I found that what people need is not another Filipino motivational speaker since nobody can really motivate people but themselves.

Leaders need more than motivation as we have seen many over-motivated under-achievers in the workplace. They need skills. They need opportunities. They need the environment to grow. And we must exhaust all means to help them.

For the last three years, I have delivered 20-30 keynote speeches each year on leadership, teamwork, customer service, entrepreneurship, and intentional influence. You can also enroll your people in my bootcamps, masterclasses, workshops, seminars, and other leadership learning sessions.

You can find him these days leading an organization called Compass Center for Leadership, Management, and Governance.