personal mastery

These posts are short stories and simple suggestions on developing personal mastery. Personal mastery is self-leadership and self-leadership is the foundation of all kinds of leadership. Apply these valuable ideas and share with others.

Be a better record keeper.

Keep a record of your progress. Keep a record of the things that you are improving so you can measure and manage your growth. You can’t accomplish an abstract goal. You’ll never be sure if you’re finished or not. You want to become a better manager. You want to be a better parent. You want […]

Expect success.

The eagle looks the cloudless sun in the face. Be confident, and be confident from within. People follow someone whose action is brave and bold. Someone who expects failure is left behind for a coward always invites disaster. Be tough. Don’t discount yourself infront of others. It is not humility to assume worm-like meekness. Rather, […]

Enjoy the ordinary.

I expect that student next door will walk her dog this morning. You do countless things in the average day that you labeled chores which you can relabel as “joys of living”. Walking the dog is something that has to be done, yes, but while you walk the dog you get some pleasant exercise, some […]

Find Your Mentors

They help us look at the big picture…better. We should seriously engage with one or more mentors or coaches for our life and business. Coaches and mentors are there to help you ask the right questions. I realize that most of us ask what we can do with our small piece of a puzzle. Vic […]

You are the only one.

You are not only different, you are unique. Someone told me that if I were to become a sellable speaker, I must be different. I asked how different I must be. She said, “You must try to master American English and speak like an American.” “ Dress for success. Buy expensive (50,000 pesos) watch. Get your […]