Jef Menguin Wears Many Hats to Help YOU Get Your Job Done

Jef Menguin is the Chief Inspirer of Starfisher Asia, a global provider of transformational leadership learning experiences. He promotes malasakit, personal excellence, entrepreneurship, and servant leadership in his keynote speeches and professional speaking assignments.

Some of his speeches are Remarkable Impact, Tsinelas Leadership and the Pinoy Entrepreneur.

As a corporate trainer, Jef Menguin designs leadership development programs that meet the present and future business needs of organizations. He has designed more than 100 courses in leadership, customer service, team building, strategic planning, creativity and innovation, productivity, presentation skills, salesmanship, marketing, and entrepreneurship.

His most notable programs are Everyday Leadership, Winners@Work, and Remarkable! Workshops.

He owns the website 365 Days of Personal Leadership and publishes the online newsletter Remarkable! He manages several online communities that cater to speakers, trainers, teachers, and leaders.

Jef Menguin is a graduate of Political Science at the National College of Business of Arts. He believes that we need to develop more tsinelas leaders in the government and in private enterprises. He affirms the preservation of the best Filipino values like malasakit, kusang-palo, bayanihan, and pakikipagkapwa. He also encourages everyday leaders to challenge the status quo and stimulate progress.

He is the creator of The Speakers Circles, a program that trains aspiring professional speakers. He is also a Distinguished Toastmaster (DTM).

Jef Menguin is currently writing a book – Start Over – which will be published in 2014.