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Crucial Team Skills to Build High Impact Teams

Jef Menguin has inspired and mentored thousands of leaders in the Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Taiwan, and Thailand. Execute your business ideas using learning exercises and innovation tools.

Is it possible for you to accomplish your leadership projects alone? Yes, but that will be very difficult.

It gets easier when you tap the talents and skills of others. Enlist others to your vision and mission. Build a strong team.

Teams will multiply your results with the least of efforts.

If you are here because you are looking for a professional team building speaker, I can be of help to you. If you are here because you want to learn more ways on how to build your team, continue reading.

Do you have nonteam players? Learn practical ways to influence them to value teamwork.

Nonplayers aren’t necessarily bad people. Oftentimes, they have good intentions. Learn how to speak to them — and leave them okay as a person after your conversation.

Do you have team members who are too busy for teamwork? This is true for many organizations. The closest they have for “team building” is an outing done once a year — of every three years — where they compete against each other.

Of course, this is typically an ineffective way of building a team, but this is one that many employees actually experience.

Of course, we all have the same number of hours everyday. Team building isn’t an interruption to daily work.

Make your team members understand that team building is a strategy to make you work faster for less time. That team building should give you more time for yourselves and your families.

Do you have team members who are laggards and deadwoods? It is disheartening to work hard while others are not, especially if they enjoy the same rewards as the rest of the team.

Align their actions to the motivations of the team. Manage performance.

Do personality conflicts hinder productivity and high performance among team members? You can manage conflict effectively — and turn conflict into growth opportunities.

Learn how to give feedback and become assertive when communicating with your teammates.

Do you have knowledge hogs? Examine your rewards system.

In many organizations, rewards systems encourage cheating and in-fighting. Audit your reward system.

Do you have team members who do not demonstrate a sense to personal accountability? You know that each person is accountable for results. However, in most team building programs, the main problems of members are “other members” who do not have sense to personal accountability.

The “other members” are always the source of team problems. Discover here various ways that promote accountability.

Jef Menguin

Jef Menguin

Professional Speaker

Jef Menguin is your partner in enabling managers, supervisors, and staff.

Since 2008, Jef Menguin has delivered 30 keynote speeches each year on leadership, teamwork, customer service, entrepreneurship, and intentional influence. He also conducts bootcamps, masterclasses, workshops, seminars, and other leadership learning sessions.

He has trained thousands of leaders in the Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, and Taiwan.

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7 Questions to Find Your Meaningful Team Purpose

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A Team Charter Can Set the Direction of Your Team -- Here's How to Do It

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For the Team to Succeed, Clarify Team Roles

Responsibilities will not become clear to me when I do not know my role. You will see a lot of head scratching from your people if you do not take the initiative to clarify their...

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How to Encourage Mutual Team Accountability

We are on this together. We can achieve our team purpose when we work together. We are mutually accountable to our results. Members of high-performing teams value mutual accountability...

How to Get Team Commitment

Individual commitment to a group effort, that is what makes a team work, a company work, a society work, a civilization work. -Vince Lombardi Building a team starts with commitment....

How to Pick the Right Team Games to Build High Impact Teams

Almost all group sports promote teamwork. But you must be very careful in choosing your group sports for team games. Because how you win the game, not just how you build the team, is...
Magnetic Team Relationship

Magnetic Team Relationship

As a team leader, you must encourage magnetic relationships. A common mistake is to consider work as impersonal endeavor. Work is interpersonal. You must cultivate a culture where...

On Your Next Team Building, Teach Your Team to Communicate and Collaborate

Working with others is never easy. In fact, working with others are usually frustrating, time consuming, and stressful. Ask me why. Because teamwork isn’t natural to us. Filipinos a...

Pick the Best Team Building Activities that Will Help You Achieve Team Goals

Money, time, and energy are wasted on team building games. Some expensive team-building activities provide the worst experiences to many underachieving teams. I have encountered...

Plan for Success Before You Conduct Another Team Building

Observe that in many team building games, facilitators require you to play one game after another. They give you instructions. Then tell you the time available for you — and the best t...

Raise Team Awareness So You Can Focus on Results

As a team leader, your first assignment is to get your team to have an honest look at itself. Help your team make accurate assessments of its actions and structure. Understand that...

Set Team Guidelines -- To Prevent Confusion and to Encourage High Team Performance

Your team can set your own guidelines. You do not have to wait for management to write down a new set of policies for your team to perform well. You can do this. With your team,...

Team Leaders Must Keep in Mind these Three Purposes of Team Building

Team building is a process to ensure team success. It is not an event, a collection of games, or an intellectual concept. Team building initiatives fail when organizers focus on...

Team Purpose Creates Meaning -- And Meaning Moves People to Action

A role given to a member of the team may not provide a whole meaningful satisfaction. Sometimes, it feels too small to make a real difference. Everything will make sense when you...

Train Team Leaders So You Can Build Better Teams

Most team leaders are promoted to temporary incompetence. Being a good team member does not necessarily prepare one to become a good team leader. It is prudent for organizations...

Why High Performance Teams Work on Shared Team Purpose

Every member of high-performing teams works for the good of all. All works for the good of everyone. This happens to every team with a shared and meaningful purpose. Team members...

Why You Must Build Teams

Build teams because although it is possible for you to accomplish your leadership projects alone, that will be very difficult. You need to tap the talents and skills of others. You...

Yes, There is "I" in Teamwork

"There is no I in teamwork." You must have heard of this hogwash before. The intention is to promote teamwork. Unfortunately, good intention is not enough. In an effort to promote...
Your People Must Stop Competing Againsts Each Other, They Must Compete Against Standards

Your People Must Stop Competing Againsts Each Other, They Must Compete Against Standards

Team players, being humans, like to win. Winning involves competition. But be very careful. Many team building exercises are designed to make members compete against each other. In...

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