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These leadership courses aim to improve leadership skills, attitudes, and behaviors necessary for leaders to achieve business objectives and develop people.

Impact of Leadership Courses

Leadership courses that work focus on the positive, builds your assets, improves leadership skills, solve problems, and opens opportunities.

Leadership Courses

Virtual Workshops and Webinars Bring Immediate and Better Results for Lesser Cost

We don’t have to begin from scratch. This isn’t the first time humanity met a crisis. Some people have experienced crisis worst than what we how now. We can learn from them.

We can also design new solutions. We are in the best of times too. Technology provides as opportunities to succeed better than anytime in human history. What’s important is we keep our core values intact as we try new ways of solving new problems.

Virtual learning goes beyond webinar, workshops, and online courses. Those platforms. More important that platforms are your system of educating leaders. I can help you.

To kickstart ourselves, I designed three programs I believe leaders need during this crisis. They’ll learn mindsets, strategies, and skills that will help them get ahead in the new normal too.

My Learning Design System


Discover Your Best

Begin with what you have when people work at their best. We strive to understand your situation. We pay attention to your strengths, opportunities, aspirations, and your desired results.


Define Desired Change

Clarify what you really want to achieve, the change and the impact that you want to see. Our purpose is to move from X to Y immediately and well for minimum cost, effort, and energy..


Design Learning Solutions

We consider multiple ways to solve your present challenges and seek (or create) new solutions. Then, we pick the best combination that promotes quick learning and engagement.


Deliver for Results

Whatever platform we use – virtual workshops, webinars, online courses, or group coaching – our intention is the immediate application of vital behaviors and critical skills.


Implement & Evaluate

True learning comes with practice. Even the tiniest learning unit may bring mighty results when implemented. Use various engagement strategies and tools to make change happen.


Embed within Culture

You can 10x or even 1000x your investment when you keep your eye on the ball. The secret to our learning system isn’t the two-hour webinar or virtual workshop. The secret is discipline.

About Jef Menguin

Virtual Mentor, Keynote Speaker, and Learning Strategist

My name is Jef Menguin. I am a professional speaker and workplace learning strategist.

Though often invited as a motivational speaker, I don’t do what many motivational speakers do on stage.  That’s because I don’t motivate people. I help them clarify their motivations — and show them one or few things they can do to achieve what they want.  

I believe that the right combination of motivation, abilities, and opportunities bring success. Unfortunately, many motivational speakers will “motivate” you but won’t equip you.

As a workplace learning strategist, I don’t see myself as a trainer. Truth be told, I started as a teacher, and I trained myself to become an effective trainer. I practiced instructional system design.  But training is tactical. Not everything can be solved by training. So, it is wrong to start with a training needs assessment. I always begin with learners and users of learning.

I am a curator of learning. I believe that you do not have to overwhelm leaders with knowledge. One tiny unit of learning can make a mighty difference in leading people.  But to find the one thing leaders need requires expertise. So, it is not easy. But you will find learning simple and fast — and you will get it for lesser costs

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We can work together to design tailor-fit virtual team learning experiences for your teams. Each virtual workshop and webinar can be supported by online courses and email education.

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