Jef Menguin

Jef Menguin makes things simple. He is an advisor to many organisations in equipping and developing leaders. He has been conducting personal development, team building, and leadership workshops in almost every city and province in the Philippines. He started his professional training career in 2004 and his speaking career in 2006.

Jef chooses his clients very carefully. He believes that every speaking or training event is an opportunity to educate, equip and empower — not just to motivate — your leaders. He is result-oriented and his sessions are entertaining and fun.

Jef is a sought-after team building facilitator in the Philippines too and clients get him again and again. He is not just a game-master. He ensures that all team activities bring change to the entire organisation — and he shows them how to sustain enthusiasm and impact.

He publishes Jef Menguin Letters which are sent monthly to corporate leaders in the Philippines. He is also the owner of made simple blog and the founder of Starfisher Asia People Development Consultancy.

Jef Menguin also frequently speaks outside the Philippines. He has trained leaders in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Thailand.

Jef was born in San Francisco, Cebu. He grew up in Quezon City. He is a graduate of Political Science at the National College of Business and Arts. He now lives in Los Banos, Laguna.

While he is not speaking, facilitating workshops, and writing books or training modules — Jef delights spending time with his beautiful and loving wife Romelyn and his beloved son Jefferson Carlos.