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The name of this blog is Actionable Leadership. My mission is to provide you what I am learning for myself and from others about people and how they reinvent themselves.

What I offer are insights, strategies, and approaches to learning, living, and leadership that works.

This blog is for managers, supervisors, and every workplace professional. This is also for entrepreneurs and for those who are making lives out of the workplace.

This is also for my son JC. Someday, he’ll read me.


Leaders ideas I have learned through experiences and from others.


I encourage that when you decide to develop leaders, go beyond classroom training. And you are getting this advice who makes a living as a corporate trainer. I am going against the tide. This is why I am using this blog to show people what learning experiences can do to multiply the impact of your interventions.

My goal is not to train people. No, it is far from that. What I want is for them to learn new behaviors that will make them successful in whatever they do in life. Yes, I talk about mindset. But my aim is to show you, based on my researches and experiences, the behaviors that we need to become successful.


You can get what you want in life while helping others succeed. These posts discuss doable steps on personal mastery, professional development, financial managers, career planning and promotion, productivity, stress management, and time management. I write not as an expert but as someone who shares what I learned for myself and from others.


You have to learn how to enroll others to your cause. These post include tips and techniques on team building, networking, effective communication, interpersonal skills, presentation skills, and community building.

I am a serial entrepreneur. I failed so many times — and a large part of these “failures” have something to do with leading B-players. My aim is to develop my skills in building a tribe — and share with you what I am learning.

I know how difficult to build a team and this is why I don’t offer pie-in-the-sky principles when facilitating team building exercises. Explore these ideas to build your teams.

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Leadership is more than having a title and position. Here, I am sharing with you practical ideas to become better leaders — and to build others to become better leaders.

I am convinced that there are many ways to lead people. And the first step to becoming a better leader comes with understanding oneself and others. We begin empty. And we develop our empathy.


I think the world is a better place because of social entrepreneurs, innovators, and everyone who make it their business to create a better world for everyone.

My goal is to learn from others who are already making a difference. I will share with you whatever I will learn from them. My next project is to find out how we can turn every employee into a social entrepreneur.

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