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"What inspires you, what are you grateful for, who do you want to be when you wake up each day?"

My name is Jef Menguin, I am a social entrepreneur, leadership advisor, professional speaker, team building facilitator and a corporate trainer.

I live in Los Banos, Laguna together with my wife Romelyn and our son JC.

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Why I Speak

It was in 1989,  I was still in high school, when I first delivered a speech to more than 3000 students who all came from various schools in Metro Manila and Laguna.

I had no idea how to deliver a great speech. I only had a personal story to tell and I shared it wholeheartedly.

Many months after I delivered my first speech, I found that people who heard my story shared it to others. Those who heard,when they finally met me requested me to tell them the story myself.

I was on fire because beautiful girls like inspiring stories. But boys like to listen to good stories too, specially ones that make them cry.

I learned that authentic stories can inspire lives.

When I delivered my first speech, I had no idea about speaking as science and story-telling as an art.

Today, I am coaching hundreds of people how to deliver world-changing speeches and presentations. My style has changed a lot. The passion for telling great stories remain. And I hope more people will do what I do now.

I speak because there are leaders who want to grow and learn from others. I speak because people are looking for meaning. I speak because through speaking I can inspire, engage, educate, equip, and enable leaders.

Through the power of our stories, I can help people see the world again with new lenses. Many years after I delivered that first speech, I still tell stories. These stories changed many people.

These stories changed me.

What stories do you tell?

In my stories, I prefer to celebrate what's right with the world. I believe this is why people love them.I deliver about 25 keynote speeches every year to conventions and conferences. All my workshops have speaking segments too. I call them my "challenge talks". I share these positive stories in  provinces and cities in the Philippines. I have delivered speeches before corporate executives, public servants, school teachers, students, farmers, doctors, real estate agents -- and others. I have also been invited to deliver leadership speeches in Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, and Singapore.

Are you a motivational speaker?

No. But if you are here because you are looking for the best motivational speaker in the Philippines, you do not have to leave now. You are my friend and we can have a conversation.

I want your stay here to become worthwhile. Many of those who are looking for Filipino motivational speakers eventually found that they are actually looking for something more important-- and for someone who can help them get that.

I pray that my speeches can get leaders more motivated. However, I do not consider brand myself a motivational speaker as a matter of principle.

Because my offer to leaders goes beyond motivation.The problem of most leaders aren't motivation for everyone is always motivated. You can solve your problems on motivation by giving more attention to people engagement.

Many managers motivate people to help them achieve their goals for the company. I can understand that.

However, you keep leaders motivated by inspiring and equipping and enabling them to get what they really want.

And hundreds of modern researches have informed us that when you take care of your people, you help them get what they want, they'll do everything to help you whatever you want for your organization.

Also, 90 percent of over-motivated people I have seen are underachievers.

Lack of motivation is the usual suspect because it tells us that the problem is on other people, not on us. Leaders must recognize that motivation is an important, but only one of the elements, of high performance.

I believe that what you need are not only highly motivated people. You need fully engaged and engaging leaders.

I can help you light the fire in your people. I will show you that by focusing your efforts on vital behaviors and crucial dispositions, you using engagement strategies, you can get your desired results.

As a leader, you'll find good ideas out there about motivation. Here are some of them:

1. You can't motivate people, so don't even try. This is a Huffpost for Women -- but can also be applied to men.
2. You can't motivate people. People who are committed and fully engaged do not need the outside force to move them. This is a good read, I promise.

And here are some of my post related to motivational speaking.
1. Why I Stopped Calling Myself a Motivational Speaker.
2. Employees Do Not Need a Motivational Speaker to be Motivated.
3. Powerful Motivational Speaker 24/7
4. On Genuine "Motivational Speaking"
5. Motivation Isn't Enough

You'll find more in this website. These five posts will give you excellent ideas on what we can do together.

Of course, you'll find that 90% of the post on internet will give you ideas on how to motivate people. Read them and learn from them. All I did was to provide you another lens when you examine motivation -- or in picking your next motivational speaker.

How can we maximize our investment?

Great speeches, when delivered at the right time to right people, make great things happen – in our lives and in the life of our nation. By using leadership speakers you open the opportunities for leaders to aim higher, think bolder, and move faster.Oftentimes, a single speech from a passionate and credible leadership speaker can create greater impact than a hundred hours in a classroom. This is why a keynote and a story  have a place in your leadership development efforts.

I was a college student when I started facilitating leadership retreats. I have witnessed how thousands of lives were changed by speakers whose purposes were to light the fire in people, to help them discover and realize their potentials, and to educate and equip them so that they lead with authentic confidence.

What results do you want?

If every peso of investment will return a million, would you invest more?

Begin with results.

Then get someone who can help you deliver the results and add more value to your organization every time he speaks. You may contact me. I can bring to you years of experiences and research, and many days of painstakingly designing and looking for best ways to sell you to your potentialities.

What can we expect from you as a keynote speaker?

I deliver 20-25 inspiring and insightful keynote speeches at conferences, sales rallies, offsite meetings, and organisational events every year since 2007. Most of my talks are on leadership, culture of excellence, teamwork, and customer service.

I do not know what you are looking for a keynote speaker. But I can tell you how I will work with you.

  1. You will find that I simplify a strong message into a compelling action. This is why a keynote is the key note. When you have many speakers, you'll find that my message will glue them together into one specific action.
  2. Be confident that I will have complete understanding of the purpose of your conference. I do not sell my speeches or my seminars during your event. I will sell your events to your audience. I craft speeches which are pragmatic, inspiring, insightful, sticky, and memorable.
  3. Know that I will work closely with you. I will be interested with your target audience more than any other. This is to ensure that my stories and examples resonate with them.
  4. Expect to be entertained. I use a little ounce of humor but I do not try to be funny. I am not a comedian. Your audience will be entertained by the usefulness and practicality of my message.
  5. You'll get only what you need. People will remember only what's important to them -- so I give them only what's important to them.
  6. You'll know that I do not know everything, but what I know has worked. You will listen to personal stories that your audience can easily relate.

What are the leadership topics you recommend our leaders must hear from you?

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How much do you charge per hour?

When it comes to keynote speaking, I do not charge per hour. Keynote speaking should not be very long. To make a solid impact, a keynote is best for 30 to 90 minutes.The real art of keynote speaking is the ability of the speaker to leave those which aren't needed. He must kill his darlings -- stories, jokes, statistics, factoids -- which do not add up nor multiply the value of the speech.

It is more difficult to craft shorter keynote speeches than longer speeches. To create an enabling and inspiring speech for leaders, I spend twenty to sixty hours. If I were to charge per hour, then I should charge for those hours too.

No. You pay created value, not spent hours.

Why This Website

I created this for you.

I publish this website for my friends. Either you are one now -- or you'll be my future friend.

It would be nice to meet you and have a friendly conversation, but that’s not always possible. I imagined you when I write. It is not easy to write, but it is easy to know why I need to write. I know that when you visit this website, you are looking for something — and I want to be of help.

It might be you want to start something. A business maybe -- or a new project.

It might be your job requires you to speak and present frequently – and you have fear in public speaking and you want someone with expertise to teach you to speak with confidence and conviction.

It might be you have just been promoted to a leadership role and you want to enrol yourself in leadership training programs.

It might be that an HR Manager, you want to initiate a corporate-wide personal development program and you want to get sound advice on how you begin and build momentum.

It might be you have been assigned to lead your team building exercises, you do not know how facilitate, and you are looking for some good advice on how to facilitate right.

Or it might be you are looking for a team building facilitator -- and your friends recommended that you look for Jef Menguin because he did great work for them.

It might be you worry about employees who lack commitment, who avoid accountability, and who do not pay attention to results -- and you are looking for a consultant who can help you design training programs to turn things around.

And it might be your boss asked you to look for training programs in personal development, stress management, time management, supervisory skills, management skills, trainer the trainer – and you are looking for tailor-fit programs or public seminars given your limited budget.

It might be because you are looking for a keynote speaker who can talk about excellence, leadership, customer service, teamwork, and Filipino values. Or it might be your managers are not motivating enough and you are looking for a professional speaker who can show how to improve performance by keeping your people motivated.

It might be your people are performing well and they are good in everything they do -- but you do not want them to grow complacent, and you want to to move your company from good to great.

It might be you aspire to become a professional speaker yourself. It might be you are looking for inspiration... you want to become a remarkable leader, salesman, teacher, trainer, public servants, et cetera.

I write because you want simple answers and you expect better results.

Yes, though I do not know why you showed up here. I hope you'll get your questions answered, be inspired, be equipped, be enabled...and be my loyal friend.

"I publish this as a tool to inspire everyone about a better future that you and I could really care about"

I publish this website for my son.

He's growing -- and anytime soon he'll be able to read, understand, and search for meaning.

Like many of your young minds today, he might be asking for ways on how to get rich quick. Or how to lead teams. Or how to inspire people. Or how to become a better person.

He will find me in my journals, in the early manuscripts of my speeches and seminars and through this website. He will be able to use my ideas to have a better life. And become a better person!

These ideas are seeds for the future. Not all are good seeds, but the good seeds he’ll be able to use. I do not want to bring these ideas to my grave.

Some of these ideas will make him very rich. Others will make him become confident and important. Others will make him realize that life isn’t fair — and that’s not a bad thing. And most importantly, he will realize that he can choose happiness — and he can create happiness for himself and others.

I will also provide him some of the tools that I used and am learning to use. The tools I will not be able to master, he will reinvent. There are always great ideas; but some great ideas will be recognized and used when the right time comes. In my writing, he will know which ideas were planted, which ideas died, and which ideas are waiting for the right time.

Finally, I publish this for Jef Menguin.

Writing helps me examine my beliefs and forces me to question my ideas. I do not write because I have great ideas. I develop great ideas because I think.

And I make my thoughts visible through writing, sketching, and conversations, and public speaking.

Writing is closest to thinking.

Let's create a better future YOU and I really care about.

This website is created with a sense of urgency. I believe that you and I deserve the best in the world. We do not have to wait for others. We do not have to wait until we are ready. Waiting wastes time. I am not happy with the status quo — and I believe most of us are not happy too.

I offer to you my experiences. Let us help each other create a better future really care about. Let's speak possibilities. Let's be possibilities.