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Welcome to jefmenguin.com! I am happy and honoured to have you here.

This website is my digital home. I created this because I believe many of my experiences and ideas can help leaders who intend to create a better world. We are born leaders. And leaders deserve the best that the world has to offer. Leaders do not have to wait for heroes who will save us.

You and I are leaders and we can start a better world, a positive revolution.

I dream that one day many of us celebrate what’s right with the world. A world where ordinary people like me will exhaust all our powers to make better change for ourselves and our children. A world where everyone has kusang-palo (initiative) and malasakit (concerns for other).

I dream of leaders, here in the Philippines and everywhere, who inspire and enable the best in us.

This website will help you find ways to engage positive leaders at all levels.

My mission is to wake up the sleeping positive leaders in us. I will sell to you the greatness in you; that person who has the enormous but untapped powers to change the world. We ought to become better persons, better leaders everyday.

I will show you how to uncover the unexplored and the underrated leader in you. I will help you discover your unused talents. I will encourage you to achieve your dreams and to share with you how to redesign your life. I will help you create a new destiny — a better world which you and I care about.

And everyday, through my bootcamps, masterclasses, seminars, blogs, podcasts, newsletters, and conversations with you — I will accomplish that mission.

If it is your first time here, I know that all the information in this website can be overwhelming. It took me many months to create them. So, I will guide you to find some of the very best resources to get you started.

Keynote Speaker

As a keynote speaker, Jef Menguin inspires organizational leaders to encourage positive leadership -- and he shows how leaders at all levels can become positive leaders.

As a keynote speaker, he reminds you of your ability to focus on strengths and make the most of the assets and talents of your people. You can wake up the transformational leader in you.

"It was in 1989,  I was still in high school, when I first delivered a speech to more than 3000 people. I had no idea how to deliver a great speech. I only had a personal story to tell and I shared it wholeheartedly. Many months after I delivered my first speech, I found that people who heard the first message shared it to others who requested me to tell them my stories again and again."

Find out how he became a speaker -- and how you can bring him to your organization.

Leadership Advisor

A leadership advisor can assist you in inspiring and enabling your leaders. Jef Menguin is one of the few trusted advisors of leaders on positive organizational change. He will assist you in turning your HR Department into a business accelerator -- and harnessing "all things about people".

He advises managers on how to identify and measure factors that increase employee engagement and improve the health of  leadership teams. He advises on how to improve team performance and alignment. He is a sought-after team building facilitator in the Philippines today. He designs innovation-inspired, fun-filled, and result-oriented positive team building workshops. He also designs in-house training programs for managers, supervisors, and team leaders.

Learn more about his  leadership advisory.

Social Entrepreneur

Social entrepreneurs find ways. They learn from people. They share tools that people can use to solve their own problems. They push people to find new opportunities. They encourages people to create a better future that they really care about.

This is how Jef Menguin defines as a social entrepreneur. He believes that everyone ought to become social entrepreneurs. Change is always coming for those who can define and work on the change they want.

Do not wait for heroes. There is a hero within each of us.

As a social entrepreneur, Jef Menguin helps community leaders create sustainable livelihood programs, greater opportunities to find better jobs, and enge the youth for community development. He is also responsible for designing programs that encourages school transformation and turn-arounds.


If you are wondering who I am, be sure to check out About Jef Menguin page to read my story and learn my philosophy. You can also drop me a note to introduce yourself. I love hearing from my new friends.

I am a Filipino and I live in Los Banos, Laguna. My wife, Romelyn, is a college librarian at the University of the Philippines Los Banos. Our son Jefferson Carlos is our joy and inspiration.

I am a leadership speaker, corporate trainer, team facilitator, and blogger. I am a social entrepreneur by vocation and passion. I have three small businesses -- one of which is a training company that provides leaders exciting and remarkable learning experiences. I am a student of character building. You can read my 17 Life Rules here.

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This is my personal reference when I want to be inspired. Yes, I re-read my own posts because I write also for myself. I need a constant reminder.

I am certain that there are some posts that will be useful to you. Visit Positive Revolution blog. Use 8 Ways to Start Making Change to get started quickly.

The blog Positive Revolution has five main themes. You'll find below FEW of the most recent posts from each theme.

Personal Leadership

You will discover my personal leadership model. I will give you specific ways you can improve your personal leadership wherever you are and whatever you do.

Influential Leadership

Or leading others when you are not in charge. I will share with you new ideas on communication, collaboration, and cooperation.

  • Leaders must tell stories. Evil men tell stories to persuade people. Good men (and women) must tell better stories. In this election, whoever tells the ...
  • Presidential Persuasions IN THIS ELECTION, you learn from the candidates three ways to persuade people. Their ways of persuading voters will have a ...
  • Student Leadership You are the next generation of leaders. You ought to learn different.
    You can have the opportunity to learn from the experiences ...
  • Teaching Will Make You Successful You are successful when you have successors.
    Whatever you do now, wherever you are, find the opportunity to share with others what ...

Team Leadership

Get team building tips. Discover the power of High Performing Team Model and the Team Engagement Model which I will share to you. As a leader, you'll also find tools in building teams every day.

  • Positive Competition What did you win? is not the first question. The first question is What is your competition?
    Most team building facilitators are obsessed ...
  • Build team trust. As a team leader, you can build magnetic relationships by encourage members to trust each other. Building trust is both simple ...
  • How a Team Facilitator May Help You Before you look for a team building venue or bring your team to team building workshops, remember that team building workshops ...
  • Team Facilitators Bootcamp The Team Facilitators Bootcamp in the Philippines is the only teamwork training program that shows you how to design and deliver ...
  • Teamwork begins with the individual. Teamwork is an attitude. Although you can create exercises that will help individuals develop team skills, you do not create teamwork ...

Organizational Leadership

or leading leaders. These posts are for senior leaders, leadership teams, and middle managers.

  • Repurpose HR HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGERS typically find themselves fighting for budgets. That’s because in many organizations, the human resource department is another cost ...
  • Leadership Development Become better leaders — and develop leaders better.
    Leadership, not just leaders, transform organizations. Leaders come and go, but the culture of leadership ...
  • Focus on What’s Right Develop the habit of catching your people doing the right things. Focus on what’s right. Use this leadership principle regularly and ...
  • You cannot motivate your people…. “Unmotivated” employees are not powerless.
    Employees are not empowered because you motivated them. They become motivated to perform well because ...

Social Leadership

or Tsinelas Leadership. I am a student of social change and it is my delight to share with you some tools you can use to make a huge impact in society.

  • Do you want to become remarkable? A favorable remark about you, your company, or your inventions make you remarkable, even for a while. But living is not only ...
  • The Glass Is Full! The moment you see the world at its fullness, you will not have to worry whether your glass is half-full or ...
  • The Power of Vision Vision is your connection to the future, to a better world. Find out how the power of vision help leaders make dreams ...
  • Courageous Conversations Change is emotional. When change is not handled properly, problems multiply.
    Let us be careful. Most of the seminars given to Filipino ...