Make It Happen Webinars: Set Goals and Achieve Them

People want to become the best version of themselves. They aspire for great things. They believe that with the right motivation and enough dose of luck, they can make dreams come true.

Most of us are very familiar with New Year’s Resolution. During January of each year, enrollments in personal development courses increase. Gym memberships grow. Then, February comes.

There are good corporate programs that help us get started. Personal development training often includes a module on setting SMART Goals. One learns that every goal must be specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and time-bound.

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People is another excellent program. The self-help book makes us think about what matters most. We learned about habits and life principles.

Knowing SMART Goal does not make things happen, of course. Understanding the habits of highly effective people won’t make us effective.

That’s because great plans and elegant ideas not put into action will only bring frustrations. We forget what we do not execute.

To make things happen, we need strategies and execution.

Make It Happen is a specialized program designed to help professionals set goals and achieve them. Participants will develop the ability to produce clear, compelling, and inspiring personal development plans.


The Make It Happen learning sessions will provide the following benefits.

Clarity. You will invest your time only on high-impact goals, crucial skills, and vital behaviors. You will choose what to do and what to stop doing.

Sustainability. You will get rid yourself of the overwhelm that comes with setting many goals. You are likely to finish what you start.

Momentum. Because you will track your progress, you get to celebrate small successes – and learn from your experiences.


Personal goal setting is about change. It is not just about our aspirations. It is also about things we don’t want in our lives anymore.

We are going to follow a four-part framework to make this happen.


We can write hundreds of goals. There are many things we want to do in our lives.

Focus is not about creating your bucket list. Instead, it is about doing what matters most.

You will learn simple and better ways of identifying goals. You will choose and clarify your desired results.

You will find that goal that will make other goals easier to achieve. You will pick that goal that will make other goals irrelevant.


Most plans don’t get to see action. With action, even SMART Goal Setting fails.

Some plans are left unfinished. Often a goal looks too daunting. One training program uses Big Hairy Audacious Goals to highlight the importance of setting high-impact goals. BHAGs intimidate.

Another program uses Wildly Important Goals. People are often confused by WIGs.

The brain says run. There must be too much to do. So, we procrastinate.

You don’t have to do a thousand things to get mighty results to happen.

There are crucial activities and vital behaviors that can give us 2x, 10x, or 100x results.

The key is identifying these vital behaviors. Know what to do and how to do them. Vital behaviors are your leverage.

But how are you going to identify these levers? You will know the answer in the learning session.


You need to fuel your fire.

On a personal level, to get things done and make change happen, you need to keep yourself motivated every day.

But motivation alone won’t do much. You also need to amplify your ability and explore opportunities to succeed.

In this session, you will find various ways that will help you maintain your momentum. You will use resources that will make it easy to do whatever you must do.


Are you mindful of your actions? Do you know how close you are to your goals? Have you identified which action you must continue, stop, or start doing?

I daresay that most of us do not keep score. We do not count our days. We do not know whether we are winning or losing.

Keeping a score is very important to the achievement of our goals. It is more important than ticking your to-do list for the day.



You can learn the framework in a 90-minute webinar. We can make the webinar engaging through whiteboarding. We can also send participants worksheets so they can work while the session.

Flip: Online Course plus Virtual Workshop

An online course provides participants the freedom to learn anytime and anywhere. They can learn at their own pace. They can pause and rewatch videos. They can answer worksheets and quizzes. They can talk with their buddies via a forum dedicated to the course.

A follow-up virtual workshop will clarify understanding. Participants will present their development plan and get immediate feedback and coaching.

In-Person Training

In-person training will require a one-day workshop. It is interactive. Participants will design personal development plans, and get feedback from other participants.

Flip: Online Course plus in-person training

Participants enroll in an online course at least a week before the in-person training. They will get to learn, try, and apply specific steps and vital behaviors before they join an in-person training.

Group Coaching

I can start a session with a group of five to ten participants.

Bring This Program to Your Organization

I can customize Make It Happen for your organization. By equipping your employees, you will increase their ability to become more productive, fulfilled, and happy at work.

Make It Happen is one of those capability programs that every employee must learn and master. I recommend that you include Make It Happen in your Onboarding program.

Offer a Make It Happen Bootcamp to leaders before a strategic planning meeting or executive team building program.

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