modelling competencies

Competency Model

Building a performance-driven culture is a true collaboration between your team and ours. Together, we discover your organization’s unique talent needs, your overarching strategy, and the diverse elements needed for success.

From that discovery, we leverage global competency frameworks to configure your competency model that aligns with your talent strategy and business objectives to place you in a position to execute on those goals.

We will provide you tools and experience to create a model that’s right for your organization. The result is a dynamic competency model with capabilities that can be reconfigured with little risk if future conditions require you to make changes.

We take several different approaches. Depending on your organization’s needs, we can:
a) Blend y our and our business and industry expertise, consulting skills, and unique competency filtering capacity to capture the voice of your organization. This “fast-track” process leverages the full value of the best models and practices, and offers the optimal combination of subject-matter expertise, speed, collaboration, and tailoring of your competency model.
b) Review (audit) and refine (map) your existing model.
c) Conduct custom performance modeling to build a completely new and unique model for your organization.

No matter which approach you will choose, we can help your develop Performance Profiles — in addition to the Competency Model — that capture all of the key role requirements for a job group (for example, business-unit leaders).

The profiles go beyond competencies and unlock more of what matters most to your organization, such as experience requirements, leadership challenges, motivators, and career drivers.

With these profiles, you can create a common language across geographies and business units.

The profiles are used as the foundation for calibrating your approach across a range of talent management applications, including selection, succession, assessment, development, and coaching.

The result: A powerful competency model ready for implementation.
Within an efficient time frame, you will receive targeted, well-researched, relevant, and impactful competencies that are specific to your organization and ready for implementation.

You will be confident that you have a consistent language of talent to align your workforce and a unifying foundation for talent management solution integration

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