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7 Crucial Topics for Leadership Training

I cannot overstate the importance of leadership training in the Philippines. Most Filipinos felt the impact of poor leadership in times of crisis. The so-called “best and the brightest” in the government are still clueless. To say that they are incompetent won’t help, but it is what it is.

The best among us can lead in times of crisis. They take care of present problems and prepare us for the future.

Equip your leaders by helping develop abilities and competencies essential to success.

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Topics for Leadership Training

Each day, training providers in the Philippines offer webinars on leadership and management. They try to teach in three hours what they’ve been teaching in two days. You know that this won’t work well. They know it, but we are in a crisis, and they want to help.

Instead of enrolling your leaders in another webinar or online course with exotic titles, you should pick topics or behaviors you want leaders to learn.

Doing so will ensure a higher return on investment.

You may consider the following topics to include in your leadership training programs.


The ability to delegate helps increase productivity, improve performance and empower staff.

You delegate to provide someone the opportunity to build on skills that they don’t have yet.

In times of crisis, you delegate tasks to people who can get things done but do not have the authority (or mandate).

Imagine if the experts, instead of our politicians, were given the authority to recommend and implement our fight against Covid-19, then we do not have to endure more than a year of lockdown.

Many leaders are too afraid to delegate. But leaders need to learn and have the courage to delegate for your organization’s sake.

Conflict Resolution

What most people see during a crisis are conflicts. Leaders who are afraid, anxious, and uncertain do not trust and are not trusted.

Crisis brings out the worst in us. It can also bring out the best in us. A leadership training program that helps leaders handle a problem will help them bounce forward faster.

Conflict resolution training can clarify disagreements, establish common goals, and turn conflict into collaboration.

Embracing Change

The pandemic has changed the world we knew. Covid-19 killed people, and the crisis killed many organizations. It also catapulted some to “overnight” success because they embraced change and found ways to help people.

Leaders who embrace change find ways to deconstruct and reconstruct. They can manage present problems while preparing the organization for the future.

Some people will promise you that change is coming. But only competent leaders can come up with positive change when a crisis comes.

topics for leadership training - increasing influence is important in times of crisis.
Leadership training can help leaders increase influence.


Leadership is influence. Of course, position and authority give someone the power to command and punish those who do not follow.

But the best leaders among us know how to influence. They listen to us. They know what we want. They build trust, enable people to act, and inspire people to a shared vision.

You can read a book on influence. Leadership training provides leaders an avenue to make known their thoughts and clarify understanding.


There was a time when remote working was an elegant idea. You can work anywhere you want. The pandemic forced us to work from home. And WFH isn’t elegant at all.

During this time, the biggest challenge of many leaders is how to engage employees. When employees are not engaged, productivity and performance suffer.

Leaders need to show that they care for employees. They must ensure that no one is left behind. That they are mindful of the situation most employees are in, and they are willing to help.

Keep the customers happy and help them achieve their goals. A leadership training program can help leaders design engagement programs in times of crisis.


When people are afraid, they produce less. In a crisis, agile leaders find ways to make the most of the situation. But not all leaders are agile. Not all leaders join a leadership training program that teaches them how to redesign the old processes to ensure productivity, given the government’s limitations.

There are many principles on increasing employee productivity. Since we are discussing leadership training, there are three topics that you can pay attention to. These are time management, energy management, and focus.

So, instead of sending your people to another time management training, get someone to design a leadership training program that shows how leaders can manage time, energy, and attention.


Communication should be first on the list of skills you must include in leadership training.

We need leaders who can speak the language of the followers. We need leaders who are not out of touch with the employee’s reality.

In this training, teach leaders how to speak clearly, establish trust, and communicate with empathy.

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