Leadership Notes

Developing leadership skills can help you become a better leader and make change happen in your organization.

A Series of Webinars in 2021

Webinars provide the fastest, cheapest, and most effective ways to learn new talents, mindsets, and skills. That’s because webinars are seminars using the internet. You can join one wherever you are as long as you have an internet connection. Unlike live workshops, you can get 2000 students in a room without renting a large and …

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Be a creative leader.

In the olden days, people worry about how to divide the economic pie among themselves. People discovered that they don’t have to wage war against each other over a single pie. Thanks to innovation. We can bake more pies. We can multiply our pies a thousandfold, a million-fold — and our imagination is our only …

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organizational creativity

Competency Development

A common problem of many organizations is that they don’t have “competent” people. To solve this, organizations invested gazillions of pesos in employee training and development. Unfortunately, many of these training programs are hit-and-miss. This is why I partner with organizations to develop competency strategy, model, and implementation so they can develop competent employees more effectively. …

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Play bigger.

Leaders who play bigger do not sabotage themselves by trying to succeed in many things. They don’t measure their worth by how many hours they worked in a day, people met, or tasks completed.

Play bigger

Grow Your Leadership

Leadership isn’t a title or a position; it is a disposition. If you can dream to change the world and pay for it with everything you have, you are a leader. There is a seed of leadership in each of us.  We can choose to germinate that seed and plant it in fertile soil where …

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grow your leadership

Lead Amidst the Challenges of the Covid-19 Crisis

The Covid-19 crisis shows us opportunities that most of us have not seen before. Leaders, this is the best time to demonstrate our leadership. As the coronavirus spreads around the world, leaders face unique, if not unprecedented, challenges.  Many so-called charismatic leaders, those who thought of themselves as geniuses, are imploding.  And some leaders are …

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covid 19 crisis

A very stable genius?

A bloated ego sabotages itself. It stops common sense and kills people. I am not just talking about Donald J. Trump the 4th President of the United States of America. He is a very interesting guy. He thinks that he is a very stable genius. We have no problems with geniuses. How we wished there …

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Take the lead.

Today is the best time to become a leader. Today is the best time to grow great leaders. The pandemic disrupted our lives. To stay alive, we allowed our governments to confine us in our homes hoping and praying that they’ll be able to work something great within 15 days. Seventy days after the lockdown, …

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dont panic

New normal?

Leaders who have limited imaginations limit us all. Take our government leaders, for example. They said that the GCQ is the new normal. Then after some days, they changed it to MGCQ. I said before that being quarantined is not normal. They don’t have long term goals for us. We can bounce forward. We can …

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False Beliefs

Many people have false beliefs about their capacity. A relative success in their small world makes them believe that they can easily multiply it in the big world. It is tempting to believe that with greater influence and more money at one’s disposal, one can do as he pleases. That all others who came before …

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corona virus

What I have learned from Kobe Bryant

Kobe Bryant played his best, every time. It does not matter whether he was number 1 or number 2 on the team. He gives his best every time. And though I was not a fan, I surely know who he was and what he did.

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