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Highest Value & Best Results

Do you think it is possible to get the best results and the highest value?

Surely, you can. We deserve the best in life. And I believe you can get it faster, simpler, easier, and cheaper.

If we think and act different.

I know that that’s not always true for most people. Many of us who are swimming in the sea of mediocrity cannot imagine that one can buy the best for less. They can’t even imagine getting the best for more. Because a mediocrity mindset will do everything so you get mediocre results.

But you aren’t most people. And I am happy for you.

You are here for a reason.

I encourage you to join me in many adventures. You and I can make positive, desirable, and life-changing differences in the lives of others.

There are many opportunities to become difference makers. We need to zag when others are zigging.

What I mean is that you start looking at your challenges as opportunities. Whenever you have “challenges”, see them as opportunities to make a difference. Re-frame your mindset and change your questions.

In this adventure, I encourage you to seize opportunities. Here are my initial list of opportunities. Pick one for you and turn them into a personal project.

  • How to Become A Leader Who Transforms Lives (Without Having to Become a Celebrity, a Politician or a Priest)
  • How to Be A Manager Who Get Things Done (And Keep My People Happy)
  • How Make Friends & Influence People (A book title, but still a challenge to the most of us)
  • How to Get 10x Results for Minimum Efforts (So I Can Make the Most Out of My Life)
  • How to Make My Business Grow Big (Without A Business Background or Huge Financial Assets)
  • How to Speak So People Listen (Though I Am Not an English Speaker & I Am Afraid to Fail Again)
  • How to Engage Employees (Because We Already Hired a Motivational Speaker and Even That Didn’t Work)
  • How to Write a Book In One Month (Though I failed to start one for the last 20 years)
  • How to Get Promoted Faster at Work (Though I Am New, Unknown, and Not a Sucker to Bosses)
  • How to Become a Teacher Students Love to Remember (And Who Also Inspires Excellence!)
  • How to Be Debt Free and Prosperous (And it doesn’t matter whether I am young or old)
  • How to Become a Visible Expert And Monetize My Expertise (Without Having to Spend Millions)
  • How to Be Run a Successful Team Building (My Boss Asked Me to Facilitate & I Don’t Know How)
  • How to Be Stress-Free and Happy in a Toxic Workplace (Without Having to Leave the Company, of course!)
  • How to Start a Social Business & Change the World (While I am at Home & Taking Care of My Family)
  • How to Win the War on Drugs (Using Repeatable and Scalable Solutions Which Are Positive and Life-Giving)
  • (Write Your Opportunities Here)

What I will do is to provide you opportunities to share your ideas and ask me questions. You can send your ideas here – and you can ask questions here.

And you can get my ideas, strategies, and tactics too.

You will get some of my best ideas for free when you read my articles, listen to my podcast, and subscribe to my 10x Letters.

You may also access strategies through my speeches, seminars, workshops, and bootcamps.

You can co-author with me a book that you believe will make a difference in the lives of others.

Be a difference maker in simple and 10x ways.

Jef “10x” Menguin

P.S. I will start publishing my 10x letters starting January 1. If you want to be the first one to know, you can send your intention to

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