Leaders Make Possible Happen

All your great plans come to nothing if they are not successfully executed.

I have facilitated many off-site strategic planning for organizations. I am almost always fascinated by the brilliance and creativity that participants show in creating great plans. They always come out with clear ideas as what to do next.

Great strategies need disciplined execution.

Disciplined execution is what most leaders lack. After the offsite, many leaders do not execute their plans. They go back to the same-same everyday activities. They want the new, but they do not want to let go of the old. They wait until everyone is ready.

But really, your team will not be ready to make things happen unless you will act.

Have the courage to bring the new, the most desirable future, into your organization. Your people will not be comfortable with the new. That’s very human. Do not wait until you are ready, execute now. You become ready the moment you start.

Leaders make possible happen.

You are an everyday leader. Act now.

Jef Menguin

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