Team Leaders

Teamwork makes the dream work. Jef Menguin offers team-building ideas, tools, and strategies that will help you build teams and make change happen.

team awareness

Raise team awareness.

Help your team make accurate assessments of its actions and structure. Understand that your team is a perfect fit to its current structure and performance of its members. People preoccupied about their daily businesses become blind to what they’re doing. They fail to correct themselves. They ignore the great potentialities …

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Plan for Success!

Observe that in many team-building games, facilitators require you to play one game after another. They give you instructions. Then tell you the time available for you — and the best time ever which you are not likely to beat. They do not bother to tell you why you’ll play …

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My name is Jef Menguin. I am a trainer, author, and consultant.

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