give excellent service

Give Excellent Service

Because you want your people to give excellent service, you must give them excellent service.

Business owners are quick to accept that every manager and supervisor must model excellence. That way they’ll get the respect of their subordinates.

Managers and supervisors are expected to perform at their best for all people all the time.

Modelling isn’t a function of one person.

This is your business. You will get the most of your investment when your customers keep on coming back and bringing along others, OR sending their friends and families to your stores.

In order for your people to give the best service to your customers, you have to give the best service to them.

How many of your people are sending their families and friends to your stores?

How many of them are proud about what they do that they broadcast your great service?

Is there any story of great service that you have provided to your employees published online?

How many of your employees were inspired by your great service that they were very passionate to tell their friends on Facebook and other social media?

Give excellent service — and your people will forward them to your customers.

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