Duque is our doctor.

Duque is the doctor of the Philippines. But Filipinos do not trust him.

Politics is more important to him that the health of Filipinos. He cannot tell the President what needs to be done.

Though he knew that a travel ban could have helped isolate our country from Covid-19, he refused to advise the President. Our President loves Xi, as we all know.

Politics is more important to him than our health and safety. He talks and reasons like a politician. He does not want to anger the President.

This makes Duque a dangerous doctor for the Philippines.

He says that he will stay as long as he has the trust and confidence of the President. I don’t concur.

The President, like him, manifests Dunning-Kruger Effect in his handling of the pandemic. Arrogance and incompetence are dangerous combinations.

It is time for him to give the job to someone Filipinos can trust.

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