Rida and Arthur Robes

Arya San Joseño: The Leadership of Arthur and Rida Robes

My introduction to the City of San Jose del Monte was in 2011. I facilitated a team-building program for the officers of the Barangay. Every day, for six days, I gave my best to inspire more than a hundred Barangay officials.

Since then, I have had many opportunities to help Rida and Arthur Robes. I facilitated capacity-building opportunities for the people they serve. In 2022, we inspired more than 2000 leaders to continue serving their communities.

Arya San Joseño, their slogan, has been my favorite. It expresses the people’s aspirations to improve their lives as the city becomes highly urbanized.

We rarely meet local leaders who are both sincere and intelligent.

When I first met Rida, now a congresswoman, I knew she had a good heart. She has high hopes for the city. When she wants something done to alleviate the lives of the poorest of the poor, she finds ways. She is creative, innovative, and future-oriented.

Arthur is the mayor I wish we had in our municipality. He is a visionary yet practical leader. One only needs to compare San Jose del Monte to how it was ten years ago to what it is now. I had a few conversation opportunities with Arthur, and each time, I wish we had more mayors like him all over the country.

There are few mayors I admire, and Arthur tops my list.

Rida and Arthur Robes
Congresswoman Rida Robes and Mayor Arthur Robes

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