Filipino Team Building Facilitator

What if there is a Filipino team building facilitator who could advise you on how to increase the motivations and abilities of your team members to embrace personal accountability, act with sense of urgency, create more value for customers, and become high performers — how much would you invest?

Jef Menguin is a sought-after Filipino team building facilitator who can help you create a new experience for your team.

Your team may experience teamwork in many ways; not just in playing games.

It is not true that play works.

Play alone does not build a team. In fact, 9 of 10 amateur team building facilitators who handle team building events can turn your anticipated happy experience into an embarrassment, even a nightmare.

Jef Menguin’s team building exercises are always fun, positive, a bit unconventional — and always safe, friendly and affirming.

Your team will be renewed by the Appreciative Team Building Workshops. Jef Menguin designs these workshops so that each member of your team will master few vital behaviors they need to perform better and to become more productive.

To ensure that workshops will result to positive impact, he will help you use the six sources of influence to grow the motivation and ability of each individual member, the team, and the organization.

Each workshop serves to align your team strengths, to accentuate the positive, and to innovate.

More than 30,000 professionals and hundreds of teams — from Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Taiwan and the Philippines — were inspired, equipped, and enabled since 2006.

This resulted to increased work productivity, more engaging leadership, and happier customers.

You too can convert your traditional team building event into Appreciative Team Building that brings out the best in you. Use the contact form below if you want to create a better experience for your team.