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Start Something Today

You can start something small. And the best time to start is now.

What small things can you start this year?

I do not know you. But I think you can start one small action today that will help you build yourself. Let us brainstorm.
I think you can start:
a daily exercise to keep yourself healthy,
a weekly walk-in-the-park habit,
joining a jogging club,
joining a book lovers club— even if you don’t love books,
building your network of admirable people,
joining a toastmasters club to improve speaking skills
writing your leadership experiences in a journal,
reporting on time at work,
giving yourself to enjoy your time with family,
read a book on time management,
putting into writing your experiences and expertise,
looking for mentors who can help you build self-confidence,
building better and stronger relationship with co-workers.
registering a new business,
look for possible partners who can help you put up your business,
create marketing campaigns that will bring more customers to your business.
paying your taxes,
paying forward,
paying your boss a compliment,
paying your people right,
and so on.

You can get your pen and paper. Write 35 “small” things you can start doing.

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