Filipino Motivational Speaker

Looking for a Filipino motivational speaker so you can improve the performance of your people? Do you want to turn leaders into passionate, purpose-driven, and pro-active high performers?

Keep your people motivated and help them achieve their dreams. Find the keys to motivation and achievement to develop employees who are motivated achievers.

You must help unmotivated employees. Unmotivated employees will not give their best. They do not work to improve the quality of your products and services. They are seldom creative and innovative. They cannot commit to help you achieve the purposes of your organization.

You cannot keep one unmotivated leader in your organization if you want to speed up organizational success.

Turn unmotivated underachievers into motivated achievers.

Eliminate job dissatisfaction.

Make work fun.

Recognize and reward people.

Encourage teamwork.

Create positive environment.

Enable individual employees and provide them leadership support.

You can make employee motivation and engagement simple and easy.

My approach starts with identifying worthy business goals. We’ll choose vital behaviors necessary for success. Then we shall encourage the application of new tiny habits.

Any manager can help people get what they want while helping the organization succeed.

I want to help you.

Consider my practical strategies and new ideas on motivation. Align actions to motivations so that you will not look for another rah-rah motivational speaker by trial and error.

If you are looking for a speaker on motivation and achievement,  I am available for keynotes, general and breakout sessions, inspirational speaking, panel discussions, and workshops and seminars.


How to Get What You Really Want in Life

The three essentials to achieve anything worthwhile are, first, hardwork; second stick-to-it-iveness; third, common sense. – THOMAS A. EDISON

The second essential key to your success isn’t obvious to many.


That’s because everyone talks about dreaming big and working smart, but very few people speak about stick-to-it-iveness.

Study successful people around you. You will hear from them how sticking to your inspiration, your values, your hopes and dreams will bring you immense happiness.

You must be stickier as you get older. Stick with your dreams when others tell you to forget them. When facing tough times and you aren’t sure whether or not you can make it, stick with your dreams.

People use words like perseverance, resolve, determination, doggedness, tenacity, staying power, steadfastness, dedication, persistence, commitment, fortitude, grit, endurance, resilience, guts, stamina — but nothing is a visual as stick-to-it-iveness!

I have interviewed hundreds of successful people.  I was inspired by their stick-to-it-iveness stories. I digested them to help you zero-in on simple habits you can develop to become stickier, to accomplish your goals, and to thrive in life.

Getting It Done

How to Lead When You Are Not in Charge

Whoever you are — business executive, manager, union member, consultant, or public servant– you cannot accomplish all your goals by yourself. You need subordinates, co-workers, superiors, suppliers, or customers — people you depend on every day.

You need to work with others. But collaboration is difficult. Each of us has a mind of our own. Each of us has feelings — of pleasure or anger, confidence or insecurity, friendships or jealousy.

As result, when a number of us work together, it does not go easily.

Our first challenge is poor collaboration. Working with others waste much of our efforts because of difference in habits, approach, experiences, and way of solving problems.

Our second challenge is that no one is really taking the initiative to make the situation better. Even when you want to help, you rarely know how. If you say nothing, things don’t improve. If you tell people to cooperate, things don’t improve. If you point out how much time is wasted, things don’t improve. You become frustrated.

But frustration won’t solve problems. You’ve got to find a way.

In this talk, I will prescribe three basic steps you can do to get things done even when you are not in-charge.

You must have met people who, even without authority to tell others what to do, get better things done. When this person is in the group, there are fewer arguments, more focus, more energy, and better harmony.

This presentation lays out simple guidelines for you to become someone like that. I will equip you with tools and strategies for building personal skills, for inspiring a shared vision, and for encouraging your colleagues to act.

Daily Achievement Habits

Design and Deliver the Life You Desire

You can achieve your goals in ways you never thought possible. Achievement isn’t only for the best and the brightest among us.

Achievement can be learned. And once you learned it, you can design your life according to your positive intentions.

In the Daily Achievement Habits, I share with you my insights on design thinking, gamification, appreciative inquiry, positive psychology and behaviour science to help you realize the power to make a positive difference wherever you are.

I will share with you inspiring stories to illuminate these achievement habits. You will learn some exercises to get your started. Use these exercises to gain courage and confidence to accomplish your goals and achieve your noble desires in life.

You’ll say goodbye to excuses.

You’ll stop trying and start doing.

You’ll build resiliency.

You’ll become an intentional achiever.

If you are a CEO, manager, or a team leader who supports the growth and development of your employees, offer The Daily Achievement Habits. You’ll find tremendous spiritual reward — and organizational improvement.

If you are a school principal, offer The Daily Achievement Habits to your teachers. These will multiply the positive impact of education in the lives of your learners… because your teachers will model the ways.

If you are an event organizer, pitch The Daily Achievement Habits to your next client. You’ll offer them a valuable and remarkable experience.